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Great day,


I would like to take this time to thank you for making a difference, and becoming a sponsor!  Being a sponsor means that you will provide motivational books to a minimum of 30 young readers, that you would like to see become successful in life. In addition,  as a sponsor you will receive wholesale pricing for your orders. (There is a 30 book minimum to receive wholesale pricing). Lastly, let us know what school, class room, or organization that you would like the books to be delivered or shipped to. 

Please provide all details on the order page ie.  Delivery/shipping address, contact name, number etc.  PLEASE NOTE: this price includes shipping with in the US ONLY.  If you would like a larger quantity of books, please send us an email/message with your contact info and we will be sure to contact you.


Continue to be great, and thanks for all that YOU do to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!


~ The MAD Lady


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